How To Be A Millionaire Selling E-books Online

Years ago, you’ll have to toil yourself with machine inks, pass through numerous press departments, waste enormous amount of money before you can publish your book and make money.
If at all you will make the money. This traditional method of getting your book published is fast going into extinction and the real deal is now online. According to Industry Watchers, e-book revenue will reach  $8 billion in 2018, per year. Imagine if you can tap into a percent of that.
Before I continue with this article, let’s first know what an e-book is for the benefit of those who are new to the term or perhaps, have heard but knows nothing about it.
An E-book is an electronic book that can be read on a computer system, tablet, or even on your smart phone. Chances are that you already have them on your phone or computer as you read this article.
Information marketing is balling now and it’s no doubt the right route to making money online. I’ve got lots of readers who were begging to pay just for a tutorial on how to start the business of their choice. Most newbie web designers are also on my neck, to publish an e-book on how to design a professional blog. Now, if I can write a comprehensible e-book, selling won’t be an issue provided it’s geared into solving a need. However, many hungry bloggers on the other hand are trying to drag this lucrative business to the mud through their unethical approach to information marketing.
I have come across many websites and blogs that promises to have the formula to making one million naira in one night. Funny enough, they have countless photoshop proves to compel you into buying their e-book. Their sales page can indeed make you place an order immediately, only to later learn the hard way.. You won’t like to imagine how much that have been lost to these con bloggers. Believe me, they still roar around our cyberspace, looking for who to devour.
What if you do it the ethical way? What if you really want to solve a problem and get a reward for it? I’m going to teach you how to make money just be selling only e-book. Let’s start with this question and answer. I think it will help answer most of your one billion dollar questions. If there’s anyone I missed, use the comment box and I’ll reply immediately.


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