How To Make Homemade Delicious Crispy Popcorn


Popcorn is one of the common and popular snacks eaten by all ages. It is one of the simple snacks that can be prepared in homes. But its very rare you see it been prepared at home.
Below are simple steps for making popcorn :
1. One cup of popcorn seeds
2. Vegetable oil or butter
3. Salt
4. Six heaped teaspoons of sugar.
1. Place the pot on the stove; let it get heated
2. Drop about three table spoons of oil into the pot
3. After two minutes
4. Add the corn seeds; keep turning the seeds together with the hot oil
5. Then add a little salt keep turning. Until it starts poping.After sometime add the sugar.
6. cover the pot and shake at intervals. The corn keeps popping until all are completely popped.
Pour out the popcorn is ready to eat.
You can serve by sprinkling dry milk on the popcorn with fried groundnut.


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