I’ A Spirit, It’s A Taboo To See Me Eat – Orodje of Okpe kingdom, Mujakperuo


The Orodje of Okpe Kingdom, His Majesty, Orhue 1, Major Gen. Felix Mujakperuo (retd) has revealed various actions that could be seen as taboos in the ancient kingdom.

Speaking with the Punch, the monarch, among other things, said he does not eat, as he is seen as a spirit among men. Therefore it is taboo to see him eating.
He also said men must not be seen holding or touching women in any form in the kingdom.
According to him, “There are a lot of taboos. For instance, you cannot hold an Okpe woman’s (referring to a married woman) hand or her wrist or touch parts of her body. It is forbidden.
“The person who did that will be asked to pay compensation. And like I told you, Orodje (King) does not do hard labour. I am forbidden from holding cutlass.
“The only possible thing I can hold is pen. My chiefs are forbidden from eating in the public. Like I also told you too, the Orodje does not eat. I’m assumed to be a spirit. I can never been seen eating in the public.
“Nowadays, we no longer circumcise women in Okpe Kingdom but in those days, it was done while preparing the woman for marriage.
“We still have the ceremony but the girl is not circumcised as was done in the old days. During that period, there is a fattening room as it is known in other parts of the country.
“The bride-to-be will stay in the room for three lunar months doing nothing but just eating and older and experienced women would come to tell her the rudiments of marriage, how to respect her husband and her husband people and letting her know she is not only getting married to her husband but the entire family.
“Our people still do that but it is just ceremonial because of the law against circumcision . There are certain things the Okpe woman cannot do. My wife cannot go to the market. There are so many other taboos.”



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