Renee Burgees, Mother Of Four Marks 10 Years Of Being Infected With HIV (Photo)


– A 34-year-old mother has marked ten years of being infected with HIV
– The woman was allegedly infected with HIV in 2007 by her ex-husband
– She is blessed with four children, three girls and a boy

A 34-year-old woman identified as Renee Burgees has marked ten years of being infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).
The mother of four who is also an advocate for people infected with HIV narrated her story on a post she shared on social media.
On her post on Facebook, the lady expressed that her ex-husband infected her with the virus while they were together.

Pretty lady marks 10 years of being infected with HIV by her ex- husband Photo Source: Facebook
Burgees revealed that her mother-in-law was aware that he was infected with HIV but she was not, adding that she was with him for almost two years
She noted that her ex-husband also infected others who were also not aware that he was infected.
The woman expressed that her ex-husband infected and impregnated a woman while he was with her.
According to her, he infected over one hundred people until she found out and reported him to the authorities and he was jailed for four years and released in 2012.
Burgees became an HIV activist in 2008 months after she was diagnosed in 2007. She started a foundation called the LadyByrd Live Foundation.
The foundation spreads awareness about HIV, the foundation also tries to reach out to people living with HIV through programs and services.
Renee Burgees is really brave to come out and share her story!


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