See Captivating Moments Of Nollywood Epic Queens


When ‘village girls’ come calling in style
By Ayo Onikoyi
Just like music which has many genres, movies too have their own Just like music which has many genres, movies too have their own  genres. For anyone who loves Nollywood movies, epic Nollywood  movies must be something they are familiar with.

 Epic films usually have a sort of traditional theme, oftentimes, with historical background, accompanied by outlandish costumes and probably with unique language shot in an ancient-looking locations.For Nollywood divas, playing a role in an epic film or taking up the ‘village girl’ role, as some people call it, is everything but ancient, there is always glamour and style and even swag to nail the character.So, for another Popeye edition, we bring to you captivating moments of Nollywood epic queens.

Mercy Johnson: Old wine with same intoxicating taste
Mama Purity, Mercy Johnson-Okojie may have added some extra flesh after becoming a mother but curves are still as large as life. Though this is an old film, the passion she aroused here can never be forgotten.
Empress Njamah : A dose of sedation
Empress Njamah has never failed to put out the fire in so many men. Even in this ‘village girl’ costume, a dose from her is as good as a powerful anesthesia.
Christabel Egbenya:  Beauty in blissful bloom
Asla Water ambassador and CEO, La Bell Beauty World, Enugu, is an actress who plays her role to perfection, and  with a touch of class.
Destiny Etiko: Fatal attraction unleashed
Enugu-based actress, Destiny Etiko has featured in so many epic films, that it seems like second nature to her. But whatever Etiko is having on, the attraction is always as good as fatal.
Cha Cha Eke-Faani: Raging fire of passion
Cha Cha Eke-Faani has remained sacred in shape as the first day she stepped into the make-believe world, eliciting passion that has never failed to catch on.
Bukola Awoyemi: Like a virgin
When Yoruba actress, Bukola Awoyemi played the role of a virgin in the popular Yoruba epic film ‘Arugba’, she stole so many hearts and even some have not yet left her doorstep.
Adesua Etomi: Romantic sound of music
There’s always some kind of music playing when Alluring Adesua Etomi steps into the fray. She certainly killed it in the epic movie ‘Ayamma’ with Wole Ojo. No doubts Banky W will keep the music playing forever in her life.
Lizzygold Onuwaje : Mesmerising gift of love
Actress Lizzygold is set to premiere her second film ‘Just a Night’  in a matter of days but it is worth the cash to admire her harass us with her angelic mien.
Amarachi Igidimbah: Like a dawn of new day
She’s beginning to come into her own and may soon look anybody in the industry in the eye and get away with. She’s shown her versatility like a dawn of a new day.
Boma Arinyedokiari: Refreshing new breath of life
She’s known simply as Bomsexy by friends and fans, though still upcoming, her aura and talent is beginning to win many hearts


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