Styles Tips For Plus Size Women From Makioba Olugbile, Plus Size Designer


Makioba Olugbile is one of the leading lights in classy and sassy plus size designs. She is among the designers billed  to showcase her creativity at the first ever Plus Size Fashion Week Africa taking place in Lagos this September. She spoke with Effects about the show.
What’ s your take about the forthcoming Plus size fashion show?
We are in a new era of Fashion and acknowledging body diversity is just the way forward. We can’t ignore the fact that most African women are plus -sized and curvy. So, I’ll say it’s been a long time coming. Its something I have been waiting for. I thank the organisers and hope we will have a great show.
Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am the creative director of plus size women’s wear brand, Makioba. I opted for making clothes for plus size women because firstly, I am curvy and I love to look fashionable even in my simplest outings and this is difficult to get around. Secondly it’s a niche that has fewer designers catering for it. Meanwhile, we have about 50-60% if not more of African women who are plus-sized and curvy.
Who is a plus size woman and what tips do you have for them style wise?
The standard size for plus sizes begins from size 12 and thereabout. I love to dress the body with curves and that’s absolutely fun for me. So, it’s no problem for me dressing curvy women. A little style secret is this; wear anything underneath to firm up your body before your outfit and stay away from bold stripes and too bright colours fitted outfits.
Are you featuring at the show? If yes, what should we expect?
Yes, I am featuring at the show and I am very excited that we have our own plus size fashion week now.
What are we expecting from your stable?
That is my little secret but just a little tip. I’ll say expect to see classic and timeless pieces from Makioba.


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