Tom Cruise injured on set of Mission Impossible 6


Tom Cruise has suffered an injury while filming Mission Impossible 6 in London during the weekend, TMZ reports.
A video posted by TMZ showed the actor trying to run and jump from one platform to a structure with a safety wire.
The actor may have miscalculated and slammed into a building after the jump.
The 55-year-old is seen limping towards the crew members who were filming from a distance.He was later carried and escorted away.
Dammy Krane needs your prayers
Singer Dammy Krane has urged his friends and fans to pray for him over his impending case in the US.
The singer was arrested in the US over allegations of credit card fraud.
In an interview during the weekend, the singer insisted the he was innocent and called on his fans to pray for his acquittal.
“Everybody knows that I’m just all about my music; I’m a musician I don’t do flight bookings, I’m innocent of the allegation. Everyone should please pray for me to come out of this successfully”, he pleaded.
While speaking on the current situation of the case, he said, “I’ve a hearing soon, but my lawyer tells me I don’t have to be there, like I said God is in control; everybody should just keep praying and supporting me.



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