TruexGOLD is giving out N100K for Articles with MOST comments

The TRUEX BLOGGERS CHALLENGE has taken a different shape as the price money has now been raised to N100K as confirmed on TruexGOLD’s official Facebook page.
The urgent increment was made as a result of so many complaints which the MGT received from Bloggers across the country when the challenge was launched yesterday stating that the initial N50K was too small for such a promotion.

If you are a Blogger and want to participate, here is what to do;

Simply put up any good blog post/article on any of TruexGOLD’s services E.g. “How to Buy/Sell Perfect Money via TruexGOLD Nigeria” or  “How to Buy/Sell
BITCOIN via TruexGOLD Nigeria” and publish it with a link to their official website
then send them a link of the blog post/article which you have published to this email address : “”.
For more update on the challenge, you may want to check the following pages:
or use the hashtag #TRUEXBLOGGERSCHALLENGE to rather monitor events as they unfold.


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