Build Your Future in Five (5) Steps


Always made different thoughts of your future? Then guess this is here to help you out in your findings and sorting.
Always wondered why you never had made plans and it comes out all through how you’d thought of it to be like on a single sleep of mind, yes! It happens all the time, people make plans, but it doesn’t work out as always planned.

The future matters a lot, going through some guidelines will seriously help, I made such steps thinking and planning for the future too, so, why shouldn’t you do so too?
The below guidelines/steps should be of good importance, all you need do is to either save current page as your bookmark or you get a biro pen and a jotter, learning never stops until we all get to the end point, which you all know.

1. Think About Your Future

Earlier on I said that we all think of things that don’t fall in place at the end of the day, that’s right, because, its necessary doing so, if you don’t think you get thick, that the fact.

What’s that important thing you’ve ever wanted in reality? Now is the time to take a time off, drop all busy stuff that got you engaged and do the fast thought slowly, you should be dreaming, but that isn’t necessary now, we are try to make things correspond to the reality world, is it a mansion, cars (luxurious ones), silver spooned babies, adventures and vacations abroad, you should be laughing it if that’s your thought we are right on the same page.

2. Do Some Jotting

Life itself is a movie like structured, all happening now had happened back then in the past but who would have known about that if the BIBLE never existed, and you see that?

Jotting is one of the most important thing to do every day of one’s life, lets you simple make recalls of the previous, as simple as that. Now, try jotting down those thoughts of yours, make it simple, no much sketching, you can predict the future not tell the future, knowing what the future will be like should be your target not your work, which you still don’t, and won’t know.

3. Take A Lead

Taking a lead is the third on the list, makes the guidelines important to go with, I take leadings myself, so taking a lead shouldn’t be hard, taking a lead simply means you intervening for your future, I do mine by praying, making researches on my thoughts of place and vehicles to have in future, considering your future as a whole should be your lead, all to GOD!

4. Get Busy

Now is that time to make perfection on your thoughts, mansion, luxurious cars, silver spooned babies, cute hardworking hubby/cute lovely wife a decent family and job, it won’t happen out of the thin air, of course not, you no magician, you need work for it.

Getting busy in a good perspective means you should find something doing that guarantee your future, you need to get independent, your savings won’t give you all you sick for, ordering pizza and laundry checkout takes your extra credit card, nothing more nothing less, you try hard you enjoy softly, working for the future should be your point of view, don’t work to eat, don’t work to shop, don’t work to save, work to invest for the future.

5. Sleep Over All

Finally, you done with figure 1 to 4, lastly for your guidelines future planning/building, you do this regularly, you need sometime off, don’t take your time of to go shopping or vacation , you need not do that, you still going to spend, take a time off, go home tired and sweaty if you do a stressful work, a good shower could do, a warm coffee and a nice nap, to help your thoughts fall in place for the future, because the future matters.

On a brief note, I’d conclude on a part of both user, the working ones and the idle ones, if you get to read this write up, you still need to get charged for the future ‘’your future’’, the  future has lot to do in our lives today, we do a one on one swap, your future for today.



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