Choosing Quality over Quantity


On a clearly stated note, we take the term quality to be the typical of one thing and, make it unique, different from other things, such as, your clothing’s, colors, books, materials, paints, size and so much more.
While quantity could be termed as large amount of something measured or counted, take it or leave it, such as clothing’s so much more.

So many questions has been weighed on Google as most search items, such like, how to know a true cloth quality, how to get a real quality material, quality gold, quality beads, quality wrist watches, just quality wears. How to get the item?

To start with this topic, you need not ask on getting the quality items, you need know them before you ask.
So, all you need do is relax and do the needful while you read this write up.


  • Make Researches

Before going on an extra mile walk to get an item, you should have Ideas on what you want to get, how it should be like and what it should be for after its purchase, Google is there to help, it provides place, sites, online verification for you to make use of, seriously you could get that very item from home by just ordering after your full review, but we talking about you finding and knowing about quality items to get.

If electronic, check specifications, check its guarantee or warranty, it should have one, it gives you courage to speak at the point of purchase.

If material items, cloths, shoes, sneakers, sleeks, try out from friends, contact up social media, find out, one of your FF should have rocked one a time or twice.

  • Go Places

You out of the web, no socials, no searches from Google, all done physically now. Go out to stores to get a quality wear, make sure you know someone that has either rocked those quality shoes, cloths or used a quality device or item. Make some moves, go to other stores, check on same item, try get some words from the seller, a reasonable one, promise them to come back even though they know you won’t, just do it and move on, try out 5-6 stores around there. You not looking for just stuff, you are looking for quality stuff.

  • Material Matters

Try doing some sketch work, materials matters a lot. With opinions from friends, you should be on track for your reach, checkout that same material same places, you can’t just waste your money like that, don’t fall for a high amount stuff thinking of it been the quality, not all high quality have a pounds figure.

  • Purchase One

You’ve gotten what you want; you’ve found a long term customer, make a deal with him/her, ask for guarantee, and try being funny and also asking for warranty, you trying to play along.
Patronize That Same Seller
You shouldn’t just wish you done with what you want, it took you time to get your quality item, don’t leave the customer. Help him/her and you get same from them, you get informed when new products of good quality comes out, because you now a customer too.

Why You Need Quality Over Quantity

“Your credit card is low, maybe empty and you really need to change some few things, thought of selling something to get some cash”I have no time to start moving from shop to shop trying to get a good item; will just send Stella to get me what I want on her way from the office”It’s really cool and seems lovely; I could get a bunch of it for summer”I need lot of this; one won’t take me far, need daily outfits”I could just get it to the laundry and make it look good on me!”Detailed above are sample of talks people decide on and end up buying what won’t help and stay with them for long, they need to freshen up daily, to look good, they are too lazy to go out to get their specified item, they end up receiving quantity instead of quality.

Why You Need Quality Over Quantity
It last for you, you need not change outfit to feel big, minimizing your spending could go a long way helping you, one after the other, and they won’t go out of stock.


Thanks for reading through the piece of guidelines, guess if you are to get part of this info, you’d be sure of getting a quality wear, shoes or items. Anything quality could be yours.


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