Earn a Living through Rearing Poultry Birds


Poultry farming is very profitable in the sense that an average human is supposed to eat an egg each day to add growth of the body. Apart from the eggs, chicks like broilers are grown for the meat the produce. After rearing broilers for about 8weeks, the farmer is supposed to gain about 40,000 naira for every 100 broilers the farmer sales. For the layers, the farmer is to sale both the eggs and the chicken you can imagine the profit from both sales.

We all that a g ood capital will yield a good profit. Take the broilers for instance, if you buy 100 day old broilers at the cost of 19,000 naira and feed them for 7 and half weeks with the cost of 58,000 naira, you will not yield anything less than 40,000 naira. Then for the layers you will sale eggs at a cost depending on their sizes and if possible, you can also sell the chicken at your desired cost which much also yield profit more than of the broilers.

this particular step will depend on the farmers ability to feed the chicken for instances when you start a day old chicken with a starter feed, after the 1st few weeks you change to the finisher type of feed, the chicken will grow in a way that all will be bought at almost the same time. The indirectly means that the feeding process will take almost 8 week or 4 & 1/2  weeks depending on the feeding method.

There are cases were the poultry birds are infected by diseases and the do die which may lead to lost. So to prevent it from dying or running into lost, the farmer needs to be mixing drugs in the for the poultry birds to drink and also immunization for poultry birds form when they are still young. Other cases like attack from soldier ant can be prevented by making gutters beside the poultry farm and filling it with water always to prevent the bird form attack from soldier ant.

What is the cost of feed? many farmers will ask themselves this question, but one thing is certain, the cost of feeding cannot be gotten at the start, it can only be gotten after the bird are been sold out. Meaning that the cost of drugs and immunization will be included depending on how the birds get abnormal or not . if the birds are abnormal the cost feed will increase because drugs will be bought , but if the birds are sick the cost will reduce. A continuous and heavy feeding will also make the bird grow faster than it’s time, making the farmer to work at an advantage toward time. But in approximation, cost to feed 100 broilers can be 78,000 naira, but there is an assurance gain of about 30,000 naira.

There is a saying that cleanliness is next to godliness. This is also applied to our poultry farm meaning that we need to keep a proper sanitation in our poultry farm meaning by watching our feeding and water troupe to prevent it from getting infected and proper heat is needed when the bird are still in their 1st   2weeks to avoid death.


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