Get the Girl of Your Choice with Few Steps


Teen’s enter10ment on the stereo, wondered why you’ve ever sucked in relationships, or why ladies throw you aside and make you not noticeable, Lol, that shouldn’t be a bad say! Because it happens, all the time, could remember when I decided taking a relationship by force, 4yrs no babe, all alone, people started wondering if am gay or bad guys with bad thoughts, illegal stuffs, but I wasn’t, why? Was in a relationship earlier on, but it was ruin because I sucked, and made the relation suck too, kind of a draw, so we moved on.

But I wasn’t still satisfied because I couldn’t stay alone all time, weather, you know what I mean, so I tried hard, possible best of mine that have ever existed, to be sincere I made multiple friends, which were just like a test run, all girls, I knew what they liked, knew their day to day activities and guess what, this time around the relationship sucked because they did suck, knew all five girls day in day out, but none of them could ever recall a piece of my day to day activity slightly for my night round sleep, that isn’t reasonable enough.

Will be giving a step by step guide on getting that side chick closer, am not too the type that is called genius, but 100% rated I could come out 40%, what you know people out there know better with 101% proof.

Steps with Details

Ø Be Humble

Never claim been so high, what you have someone has is in quantity and quality too, so a case like this, try make a decent lifestyle of yourself.
If you find someone you like, don’t approach immediately, be at watch of her from likely a distance, when an eye contact comes to play, chuckle your way out, she might seem tough, but she’s likely playing along.

Ø Get A Hobby

Get involved in something you do best, hey bro, you not showing off, you on a mission on getting the girl of your type.
Someone like me, I loved music, could dance to it, play on all my day, sing along like usual, so, you should have one, football, volleyball, dancing, singing, rap god, it’s up to you, one advice, get one if you don’t, talking is also an hobby.
Get your hobby location around her apartment, she should have a hobby too maybe hobbies who knows, she should comply on your action on daily bases.

Ø Stalk Her

This is a fine one, don’t let your thoughts let you down, go for her, you’ve watched her, she’s a lonely sweet girl who intend to stay lonely all her life, no, she needs to get hooked up, follow her, pursue her don’t chase her.
Get invited to parties she’s likely to attend, breakfast, lunch, dinner, ask her, she should accept one, maybe the middle one, she can’t be of ground breaking diet.

Ø Speak From Your Heart

If you’ve never tried this before, you are getting some part screwed up, learn it, master mind it, revise, word by word.
After getting a good lunch fixed for both of you, speak from your heart, all you’ve found special about her, why you spent time stalking her instead of upgrading your CGP, and mainly, don’t beg for it, ask for it, she needs someone too, don’t be the slave, you love her for real, nothing changes that.

Ø Move Along Wisely

You’ve followed the steps to the point of getting her in your life, don’t misuse it, she precious, good, clever, wise, buoyant, intelligent, sweet, don’t screw it up, seriously I could strangle you if I do find out, Lol, kidding, but never chicken out for a day, be the same guy that spent time finding what he got later on.


Steps followed well gets you any type of girl you would ever want, just brief but so great, somebody to love.

Note: There is nothing like break-ups in relationships, only fuck-ups, either one of the party screwed up, take to heart, thanks for your time. Kindly make use of the comment box for your ideas towards the write up.


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