How can I make money online? That is the question I use to ask myself. Have been spending my time online looking for solution and answers to this question which there is lot of answer suitable.

But to my parents earning money online sounded like Fairdale and I was unable to give up because, I believe making money from my comfort bedroom was very possible as far I am concern.


I know some people find it difficult to read online because of one thing or the other maybe the article might be much. It is really important to start devoting sometime reading because, from reading there will understanding and ideas there in the article which maybe help in one way or the order. If I had known what I know today, I think, I would have been a millionaire by now. I guest; I would have been a celebrity, travel round the world and meeting great people. You can be making money magically doing nothing and people will be surprised. So, there is still a question you should ask yourself first and the question is which aspect do you want to make money from?  Is it through blogging? Freelancing? [Or importation business?]  That is why you have to read the field you want to delve into or you won’t make a dime if you don’t carry out research. So you need to have destination in mind before anything. Discover the field and start reading everything about it. You’re reading to be able to know and solve problems.


Taking action involves money. If you’re not ready to take that risk of bring out money, and then you’re not ready to earn money online. Perhaps that’s what’s stopping millions of people today …throw their laptop into trash and pick up an offline job which they are certain and they are assure of payment at the end of every month .. So the online world is just like a market place that means you have to setup a space, which you are done with that you start offering goods buyer, which will be interested. That is business. [GIVE AND TAKE]


Online business is not that easy but you have to strive hard and get someone who’s already successful in that field. For example; I do have a mentor. Someone who knows better than me he oversees, guides and cross check my work frequently on or before being publish. Being a boss on your own isn’t that easy especially when you are inexperience or maybe you might have gone through some E-BOOKS. I wanted stopping blogging because reasonable income wasn’t there [This is the main reason people stop blogging] I was losing all through. If not for my mentor I couldn’t have be what I am today, so I really thank god today. Also, No matter how hard we claim to be self –sufficient we’ll always need help. So, I have a mentor, my mentor has a mentor… Said we’re all connected. Almost all of them said that they won’t have achieved their dreams without helps.


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