Meet Man That Spends 3hrs Washing His Car. READ Why!


Teens Enter10ment on it again, going to be on a little interview with the man that has ever spent 3hrs washing his car.

Good day sir, for a while now we’ve noticed you care so much for this machine packed outside any good thing towards that?

Yes, actually, that’s my only car, like always said prevention is better than curer, so, what do you expect, that my baby outside there.  Laughs

You said your baby, how do you mean?

Okay, like you can see, am a lone man, no woman no kids, just all alone, so I stay all myself, meanwhile, dirty things irritate me.

You working or you all alone like you said?

Yes, quit aright am a medical doctor, most times you see me around, either time off or trying to keep one or two on save deck, when work comes, you will see the second part of that car, always dirty, to get washed anytime am chanced.

You said you are a doctor, which aspect in particularly?

Okay, am a doctor, a gynecology in particular, am just too good at my job, but that doesn’t mean I don’t do or get involved in any other hospital emergency, I do, am all Round most times.

So, haven’t you thought of taking you car to a nearby car wash to get it done professionally?

Laughs, which does anything professionally? Meanwhile, I do, but that’s always once in a while, when am not always chanced, too busy, I drop at a car wash to do the work. But no one washes it better than me, which is the fact.

Is there a way you wash it that people don’t know?

Hmm, actually, yes, there is, and it always been a routine, and a must.

Seems unique, do you mind sharing it?

Of course, but it might seem stressful to many car owners, but I tell you, it helps a lot, never to neglect.

Ok, what and what is that you do that makes your part of wash unique?

Simple though, I wash, rinse with water, dry with a particular sleek, and then shine it with its specified oil, that’s all.

Wow! Incredible, kind of stressful really, so, no other car apart from this?

Yes, actually this not really the color of the car, it came in a blue merchandise color, stayed for a while now before I did the spray it, that’s to show you how much I love this car, it’s just have what you’ve want, am good with it.

Wow! That’s great to know your baby is doing good with you. How long has this car been in your custody?

That’s the incredible part, because you won’t believe.

Anything is believable, seeing the way you care for the ride, so, how long?

7years 5month, September will make it the 6th month, as you can see, inner the car, chairs are made up of leather, pure ones, glass are cool, bought the car with the tinted glass, the speakers too, engine is good too, and no much repairs actually.

Seriously! I believe it a lot, quality not quantity?

Yes, you are right, that’s my lifestyle.

So, you have a baby car, ain’t you thinking of having a baby girl or boy?

I know where you getting to. Found a girl though, we still working on something, it’s not a quick stuff that needs rush, we are taking it slowly.

Thank you so much for your details car, anything to pass on to car owners?

Of course yes, I should say something, getting a fancy bright car isn’t the deal, the deal is making it serve you for long, take the time to make things work out, don’t depend on the car wash boys, thank you.

Thank you so much  sir, nice to have you on Teens-10ment. Teens growing up to get a car should grab all ideas from this man. Thanks for visiting.


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