Whatever one want to do, it is better to do it quickly as possible, and as best as one can do it.  Something that is done without personal satisfaction is as good as not being done at all.

Looking at this world, especially from the point of view of how something happen, it may look as if everything is rosy and that all ways are always open to anything one wants to do,  but when one starts to go deep into the world and start experiencing hardship, then life become boring and the world becomes somehow inhabitable. One feels like leaving the world immediately, but death does not come so easily; and to take one’s life becomes another round of hardship compounding the one that is already on ground. When faced with this, one has to take it easy.

When a man is not contended with what he has, he start running after some other things immediately, and after getting one thing  he starts running after another.
When one does not get what he wants, it is better to keep what he has intact, and then look for better way of getting what he wants.

Someone who throws away what he has because he could not get what he wants is a foolish man and may end up with nothing?
The heart beats very fast and works round the clock without resting. Then for the heart to work with effective extremity, it need at least some rest. This usually comes with repercussions.

It is always better for one to think deeply, before Intensensifying action on an activity so as not to be on the wrong path. In fact, he thinks while working, while eating and even while playing. When in bed he thinks along till he sleep   off and even while sleeping of, and even while sleeping he dreams on, which most time is the continuation of earlier thoughts. When then does the mind rest?
Animal presume, do not suffer from anxiety, and on the whole they have, believe in their lives, much joy and ,pleasure with comparative little suffering. The sufferings animals are even created for them by human beings.

When two lizard runs around a tree, one does not know exactly which one is pursing the other. It is not possible for man who is mentally alright not to pursue a thing, even if he decides not to, something must definitely pursue him. whatever one pursue ,he has to be strategic, steady, soft and fast; any well calculated pursuit ends well, and even if it doesn’t one will at least be satisfied that he has done his is not unlikely to be unhappy when a pursuit ends badly, but one has to add the experiences and forget about it to his volume of experiences and forget about it immediately so as to start thinking of another strategy; after all, blessed they say are those who expect disappointment, for they shall never be disappointed.

Personally I believe that man is born to sorrow and suffering, but he is not born to sorrow and suffering, but he is not born to be dull. If anyone is ever dull, it is his own fault. If one does not forget immediately what bad experience he had, he may never have time to think of the next line of action; after all, the past is gone, the future may never come, only the past is gone , the future may never come, only the present is our own.

One has to believe in god and note that everything in this world itself belongs to him.

He has the right to keep everything to himself and at the same time, he has the prerogative to give whatever he likes to whoever he likes. We can only pray to him to give us what we want ;if he does give us this time ,he has his purpose and we have keep on praying and keep on waiting for our own time , he has his purpose and we have to keep on praying and keep on waiting for our own time. If eventually he does not give us at all, we should know that there may be something behind it which is well known to him. We may sometimes want to know why, he may something behind it which is well is well known to him. We may sometimes want to know why, and sometime it may not even be necessary to know why, but all the same, GOD know better. Blessing and evil exist together. We’ve got to enjoy the blessings of each day as god sends them, and the evils of it we bear patiently with supplication if they come; for this day only is our, we are dead to yesterday, and we are not born to morrow .

He that enjoy the present  if it be good enjoy as much as possible, and if only that day’s trouble leans upon him , it is singular and finite. It is not right for a man to think that he owns the world, it is only a man who does not believe and fear GOD that takes his own life ; he is not wise at all. For whatever reason you take your own life, millions of it will exist after you have gone. Who then is a wise man?

A wise man is he who does not think so much on what he did not get, but think so much on what he did not get, but thinks and works on what next he wants to get. A wise man is he who prises GOD for not giving him what he wants, and praises  him for what he has given him and for what next he is going to give him. A wise man gathers yesterday’s pebbles to build today, and forgets all the sorrows of it  to work effectively for a sound tomorrow.

Sorrow is hard to bear, and doubt is slow to clear, but is also better to sleep over what you are going to do than to kept afterwards over what you have done.

Where shall wisdom be found, and where is the place of understanding? The fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom, and to depart from evil is understand.

A good axe agent munt the strength of a bull, the courage of a lion, the cunning of a FOX and the ability to dig like a mole. A man who wishes to enjoy the happiness of old age must be prepared to endure the suffering of youth, with patience and courage, because if  he rushes, he tumble.

No mind must be in haste, the heart need to beat slowly so as to  eat long.



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