I’m single and being a tease, I stroke off or stroll up to any person for sex – Nollywood performer Omalicha Elom


Nollywood performing artist, Omalicha Elom has announced that she’s single and being a tease not prepared for marriage dissimilar to some of her associates who are knee on settling down with their accomplices

Talking about her affection life in another meeting with Nollywood Inside, the performing artist who’s been in the motion picture industry since 2011, stated:

“‘I have never experienced shock. Actually, I don’t comprehend what it resembles, in light of the fact that I have just dated two folks throughout my life. I was the one that dumped them. I broke their hearts. The last one even undermined to pour corrosive on me, since he couldn’t manage the catastrophe. At this moment, I’m single and being a tease. I have to profit,” she expressed.

On how she extinguishes her sexual urge, she answered saying:

“There is “no disgrace in charming a man for that reason, at whatever point I require sexual fulfillment, I would search for a past love interest or new pound. It’s not all that hard; I’m not a bashful individual. I’ll simply stroll up to the new person that I’m smashing on and disclose to him I like him and need him in my bed. I’ll request an indulgence. We are for the most part grown-ups. In the wake of engaging in sexual relations on more than one occasion, that is it, at that point we can bail and life goes on.”

Whenever inquired as to whether she makes utilization of sex toys, she stated:

“I’m not an aficionado of sex toys. I regularly enable myself (to jerk off), yet I can’t do sex toys.”


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