How to make the first move on a guy you like


To ask a guy out is as scary to many ladies as seeing a cockroach flying around the room, or a rat scampering across the apartment
But as we already established in a recent article, there are many great reasons why the old-fashion way of waiting for men to compulsorily be the only ones asking for dates and relationships has to stop.
So to ask that guy you like to be your baby boy, here are six tips that won’t fail you
1. No need to be sure he’s interested
If you intend to wait for certainty, you’ll probably never know that he has hots for you.
You need to be more proactive than that. Such laidback approach needs to be scrapped too.

2. Do away with the fear/shyness

It’s either a yes or a no. And a no is pretty much the worst that could ever happen. Once you internalize and become comfortable with this idea, it’ll become easy to relax around him and improve your chances.


3. Know him

Observe or ask around to find out about his interests, hobbies and favorite things.
You don’t need to know his entire life history and you should absolutely be low key about this.
4. Be flirtatious
In this age where texting is the norm, you have the perfect tool for flirtation.
You don’t have to overdo it [if that’s what works for you though, just do you] but make sure to stay friendly, know how to play with innuendos, compliment him and smile a lot. Loosen up and make him relax around you.

5. Ask rightly
Even though it is often said that guys hardly say no, you still need to realize that a positive answer is not automatic.
So to avoid the possibility of a negative response, try to not ask him rudely just as you wouldn’t want a guy asking you out rudely or discourteously.
Tone down the desperation too. Be as cool about it as much as is reasonable.
6. DIY!
It’s always advisable to do this yourself. Don’t ask your friend or his friend to help you tell him that you like it.
Approach that guy with your chest instead of having someone else do the job for you.


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