See What These Children Did To Their Own Mother After A Pastor Told Them That She Is A Witch


This is so heartbreaking 😰😰

Saw this Video on Social media when I was surfing through Instagram and I can’t help but share this with all Naijaloadites.

According to the poster, these Children went on Rampage and they dealt with their Mum mercilessly after a Man of God sorry Pastor told them she was a witch.

A woman that cater for you all from birth till they all grew up to this stage? Am sincerely confused here.

If she was a witch according to the Pastor, I don’t think any of them would have live to grow this far before she use them as her Sacrificial offering.

We want you all to say something about this video.

Watch the Video below:-

If A Pastor Tells You This, What Would You Do?
What Do You Have To Say About This Children?

We want you all to say something about this Children of Hell.

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